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Research Article

Vol. 10 No. 1 (2007)

Emergence of Primary Teeth in Children of Sunsari District of Eastern Nepal

  • Anita Gupta
  • SS Hiremath
  • SK Singh
  • S Poudyal
  • SR Niraula
  • DD Baral
  • RK Singh
November 7, 2020


ABSTRACT: This study assessed the timing and eruption sequence of primary teeth in children of Sunsari district of Eastern Nepal and compared the eruption pattern of males & females between various, ethnic groups.

Method: This cross-sectional study, included 501 subjects, aged 3 months to 60 months selected by simple random sampling method. The determinant variables such as age, gender, ethnicity, and eruption of teeth were recorded.

Results: This study provides a model data on emergence of primary teeth and number of deciduous teeth in these children. This is a first study of its kind in Nepal. The findings of this study will help as a reference data for optimal use in clinical, academic, and research activities, especially for children of Eastern Nepal.


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