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Research Article

Vol. 1 No. 1 (1995)

Wilms' Tumor: Long-Term Effect of Multimodal Treatment on Renal Function

  • Michelle S. McLauchlin
  • Elizabeth Cairney
  • Barry deVeber
  • R. Morrison Hurley
  • Douglas G. Matsell
October 28, 2020


Patients with Wilms' tumor, a common malignant childhood tumor, have an excellent survival rate. The treatment protocol, which consists of a combination of surgery, chemotherapy, and irradiation, may induce both short- and long-term systemic effects. This paper addresses concerns regarding the effects of treatment on long-term renal function in the survivors of Wilms' tumor. In a retrospective study, the charts of 36 patients treated at the Children's Hospital of Western Ontario were analyzed with respect to the epidemiology and parameters of renal function. It was determined that patients with Stage I disease maintained normal renal function over five years. However, those with Stage III and IV disease exhibited decreased renal function immediately after treatment but regained normal renal function within five years. This investigation clearly establishes the need for future prospective studies of long-term renal function of the remaining kidney in children who have undergone treatment for Wilms' tumor.


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