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Vol. 18 No. 1 (2020)

Women in Medicine: Dr. Louise Pilote

May 10, 2020


Always driven by a desire to understand, Dr. Louise Pilote (MDCM, MPH, PhD, FRCPC) can accurately be described as a lifelong learner. As the former Director of the Division of General Internal Medicine at McGill University, this clinician scientist is a Professor of Medicine at McGill and holds a James McGill chair. Her research interests include cardiovascular disease, specifically in women, as well as health service outcomes. Pilote’s most recent endeavor focuses on the impact of gender on health outcomes, on a globalized scale. Now a mother of five, Pilote shares her experience with infertility and how to integrate professional and personal life. She also discusses the intersection of medicine and feminism, while providing advice for the next wave of clinician researchers.


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